Hi there, I’m Andre Ferreira the owner of AF Photography and the proud artist behind every image. I invite you to scroll through my website to learn to know me and my style a bit better and I urge you to get in touch with me so that I can learn to know you. I’m a people’s person who loves to learn to know new people, work with them (or better said, have fun with them) and impress them. I’m a friendly person that loves going the extra mile or two to satisfy my clients that most of the time become my dearest of friends.

Every photographer have a certain style, my style are perfectly unique, which describes each and every image I create. It’s easy to hold a camera and take photos, it takes experience and skill to not miss a dearest moment and to capture the feeling in a unique way different to all the other images out there. I’m a very artistic perfectionist, every image I create will capture feeling and wonder whiles being photographically correct.

By using very specialized effects and techniques together with different lightning sources I can create cover page images and not only a picture your grandmother would like to keep next to her bed. If I may use some big words in a confusing sentence to describe my work I would say, superb quality perfectly composed into unique visual art.

So this is the part where I write my long philosophical story of why I became a photographer, yeah I know you don’t like reading that much so I’ll keep it short. I was always fascinated by the amazing photos on cover pages of magazines and on bill boards, so my brother was lucky enough to get a small digital camera when we were about 10 years old and I loved seeing what he did. Then after a couple of years my parents bought themselves a Sony compact camera, safe to say till date I think I played more with it than they have ever switched it on. Fast-forward a couple of years I saved up enough money to buy myself my first DSLR Nikon camera, after which I received “the talk” about how I’m going to waste my money (which could be understood because I’m somebody that likes a lot of things and want to try everything). There after I played around started to learn more and more things about photography, whiles I was studding BSc. Agric Agricultural Economics and Animal Sciences and I did a course in photography. Well I obtained my degree in Agricultural Economics and Animal Sciences as well as my diploma in photography. The fun of photography is that you’re constantly learning, you get an idea and then start to bend your mind around how you’re going to produce this outstanding unique idea, that’s where the techniques I use come in handy to differentiate my images from all the other.